My culture


Fiji is my culture and it comes from my dad. My mum is Australian, but I will be talking about Fiji. Fiji is a tropical island so we never really get rain up there so when it’s night we usually go for a walk because it’s nice and warm. The cars in Fiji don’t have any seat belts in the back seat,  but in the two front seats there are seat belts.I have relatives in Fiji, my boo (which stands for Nana in English), then I have my yatha (which means in English my namesake), and then I have all my other relatives. I have so many I can’t even name them all.


The capital of Fiji is Suva.  The president of Fiji is George Konrote. He was the president of Fiji since the 12th of November 2015.  




How I found my way back home

It was a dark stormy night. The wind was howling like a dragon breathing fire. Me and my friend were in a small rocking boat swinging side to side. Then my friend Savannah said there’s a bigger storm coming ahead

So I tried to turn the boat around before it’s to late…


My avatar

This is my avatar. It looks exactly like me. I have dark brown hair and awesomely brown eyes and I’m just beautiful.

My avatar likes to swim and skip. My hair is long and I have hoop earrings. My favourite colour is blue. I go to Tenambit public school. I have a lot of friends like Tiffany C, Tiffany A, Ofa, Savannah W, Savannah M, Alanna, Sophie, Zoe and a lot of other friends. I like to show my talent to an open crowd and I try and help people when they have trouble with something. I like to draw and to help with stuff.

A book review on Horrible Harriet

Horrible Harriet is authored and illustrated by Leigh Hobbs.

Horrible Harriet is a story about a girl named Harriet. The people in her class think that she’s Horrible  because she blows a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG! bubble at a kid. She also locks two teachers in the cell named Mr Scruffy who does her maths and Miss Plumb who takes care of every thing else.  She also feeds them terrible food and she makes them eat it. But there’s one part in the book where she is nice, where she is a friend to a new boy. So you should read it and find out all the horrible things she does.